About Bapu



Shri Shankersinh Vaghela, popularly known as ‘Bapu’ in Gujarat, is the most experienced politician of Gujarat. In his more than 60 years of public life, he was among the strong pillars of Jan Sangh, Janta Party, BJP and Congress. His 1996-97 government is still remembered as ‘Tanatan Sarkar’ in which he took many historic decisions, eliminated corruption, introduced transparency, gave jobs and served people of Gujarat in true manner. He also served as a Union Cabinet Minister for Textile under the then PM Shri Manmohan Singhji’s UPA-1 government. Under his able leadership, his ministry helped both farmers and industries. His governance was so memorable that even today people remember how much he helped every section of the society.

From childhood, Shri Shankersinh Vaghela was attracted towards nation building process and was always helpful to everyone. From school days, he worked as a volunteer in many social works; he joined Seva Dal and RSS to serve nation through that platforms. At that time, political circumstances changed and he joined politics to raise voice for the people, efficiently. From Jan Sangh period, he was offered to come in Congress as well as Swatantra Party who were two big parties of that time but he chose struggle and worked for Jan Sangh to build organisation in Gujarat. His sheer hard work in Jan Sangh, Janta Party and later BJP helped these parties to become prominent in Gujarat.

Due to internal politics, he left BJP with heavy heart but never bowed down to negative forces. He strongly believes that in politics you have to say and do whatever is right, no matter what others think. He is not one of those who gets scared or bows down to dirty politics. He is not power-hungry and he believes in human touch in politics. His ideology drives him to politics; he was never a typical politician. Those who know him know that his personality is not like a typical politician that’s why he is still a respectable figure for the people and all parties.

Even at age of 80 he is mentally and physically fit and active in public life. His only purpose is to prepare the next generation in politics with purpose, passion and power. In his entire public life, he always gave something to others, never took anything from others. He wants that next generation of politicians should be responsible, advanced and has to be humane with people.